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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Aviation Week Laureate Awards in Washinton DC - March 2011

My wife and I recently returned from Washington DC where we attended an awards ceremony.  We were only there for a couple of days but had some fantastic food and shopping.  We stayed at the Palomar Hotel in DuPont Circle.  The restuarant attached to the hotel is Urbana's.  A friend and I had a late evening snack of wine and appetizers.  I really enjoyed the "Merguez House Made Lamb Sauage with Chestnut & Salsa Verde".  They also had killer scallops.  Dawn & I grabbed a pizza at "Pizzeria Paradiso".  This place was packed but the food was great.  We also had lunch at "Old Ebbitt Grill" , an old Washingtom landmark since the 1800s.  I had  a half dozen oysters and crab cakes.  Lots of crab and the oysters were great.  At he awards dinner they served lambchop appetizers before we were seated.  What a great way to start a meal.  The dinner was good for a banquet but the lambchops were the standout  Then on our final lunch we went to "Bistro Francais".  Again a very pleasant meal in a quiet and authentically french setting.  All in all we had a wonderful trip and it seems like we ate and ate.  Oh BTW I forgot the chocolatier and the cupcake store.

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