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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cilantro Latin Chicken

Boneless skinless chicken breast - either pounded flat or sliced lengthwise
Chopped white onion
Chopped cilantro at least 1/2 a bunch
White wine - I used a 2007 Maddalena Chardonnay from Monterey (from Souza Family Winery)

Saute' the finely chopped white onions and cilantro in an orange infused olive oil & the juice of 1 lemon
Once the onions are translucent sit the mixture aside and lightly brown the chicken breast in the orange infused olive oil.  When one side is browned turn the chicken over and cover with the sauteed onions and cilantro.  Add about a cup of wine or enough so that the chicken and saute' mixture is fully satuate with the wine.  Cover a let simmer until done (approximately 10 - 15 minutes)

Serve over white rice.  I used chicken broth and chives in the rice prep.

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