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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fennel & Mushroom Salad Atop a Celery Root Puree

I had my sister and niece visit this last weekend so I tried to make them a few special dishes.  As you can see I am wearing my 'Pop Pop' apron, provided by my grand-daughter, Audrey.

Another relatively simple dish with some very nice flavors.
Ingredients for the Fennel and Mushroom Salad

1/2 Fennel Bulb
1/2 Cup Mushrooms
1 Medium Shallot
4 - 5 Basil leaves
4 - 5 Mint leaves
1 - Lime & Lime zest
2 tbl Fig vinegar or any nice vinegar of your choice
2 tbl Olive Oil

Preparation of the salad

Finely slices the fennel
Chop the mushrooms
Finely dice the shallot
Chop the basil and mint
Zest the lime and squeeze at least 1/2 of the juice into the mixture ( taste - if you wnat add the rest of the lime)
Mix everything together, salt and pepper to tastes

Ingredients for the celery root puree

1 Celery root bulb
1 cup of vegetable or chicken broth
1 tbl olive oil

Preparation of the celery root puree

Peel and clean the celery bulb
Dice into 1 inch cubes
Lightly sautee the celery root in th eolive oil until slightly brown.  Add the broth and boil the root until it begins to soften.  Pour the mixture into a blender and pulse until the root is the cnsistency of mashed potatoes.

Serving Suggestions

Plate a generous portion of the celery puree onto your plate then arrange an ample portion of the fennel root salad atop the puree.  Season to taste.


  1. Nice apron,Stephen:)I love your salad,so fine and refreshing!Have a nice month dear!

  2. Very interesting combination! My family will love it. Thanks for sharing!

    I am your latest follower and would like to invite you to follow my g=blog too!


  3. What a creative and unique dish... I love all the ingredients you used.

  4. We are a Fennel & Mushroom loving family!!!
    This is a great salad to try. Thank you for sharing!

  5. What an interesting set of ingredients! Looks delicious!

  6. This is some really fine cooking...especially with the splendid addition of fig vinegar. Believe it or not, ours is not produced here in Quebec and I actually buy a brand that is paired with lemon and comes from your California...excellent product.

    Btw...Audrey is lucky to have a Grand Dad that is so dedicated to what's important...the care of animals and the preparation of great food. Cheers to Pop Pop.

    Flavourful wishes,

  7. Audrey loves this picture of you wearing the apron she made you. Recipe sounds really good!

  8. That apron is just too cute and this recipe sounds fantastic!