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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gluten Free Quinoa Stuffing

The 2010 Thanksgiving was spent with the family and essentially everything was provided by my mom.  A few sides such as a Ceasar salad from my brother, truffle mashpotatoes was my addition, and then a lot of help around the kitchen by my sisters and nieces.  A great time was hed by all.  Since several of our family have to avoid gluten I tried a stove top substitution with Quinoa.

Chicken Broth
Poultry Spice
Salt & Pepper
Optional - Pre grilled diced chicken

Prepare the quinoa per the package instructions - basically the standard 2 cups of liquid to a cup of grain, boil, simmer with cover, and fluff
While the quinoa is boiling add chopped celery and onion
Season with sage and poultry spice.  I used about 2 - 3 tsp for four coups of broth
Season with salt and pepper
Optional - to add a little protein to the dish I added a pre grilled diced chicken breast

Plating suggestions
At our dinner it was truly a family pot luck and we were out of bowls and serving directly from the pot.  However, the dish had a typical stuffing look after it was cooked.  It could easily be dressed up with a little color from parsley, an orange slice, and a few cranberries.

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